Getting a Lawyer in Pennsylvania...Made Easy
Our firm regularly helps individuals and corporations who are outside of Pennsylvania and who need litigation assistance here in the Commonwealth. Over the years, we have handled PA litigation for people throughout the United States and throughout the world.

Often, the couts will allow for testimony over the phone from non-resident litigants. Plus, our firm uses high speed scanners that allow us to stream data in color anywhere on Earth to keep up to speed on your litigation in PA.

Do Not Risk A Judgment Against You in PA
A judgment against you in PA can be transferred to the state where you live and enforced against you. A judgment can negatively impact your credit or trigger enforcement through wage attachment, liens, or other collection efforts depending on the state law where you live.
Do not take the risk of a judgment getting entered in PA when you can have a lawyer protect your interests in PA...and at home.

We Can Help
Give us a call to see why it makes sense to invest in legal representation to protect your long term interests in any state where you happen to live or do business.

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