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Plaintiff's - Use Caution.
Keep in mind that, although the magistrate or "small claims courts" are set up to allow you to proceed without counsel, you take risks by filing suit without legal advice, such as:

Failing to sue the right party (or all the possible
parties) within the statute of limitations period,

Failing to sue in the right venue or county, or

Filing suit that is not support by law, which may expose you to a claim for abuse of process if you do not withdraw the case upon request.

Defendants - Use Caution.
If you have been sued in "small claims" court, the party suing you can get an award against you for up to $12,000, which can be entered as a permanent judgment if you fail to file a timely appeal. Then, the judgment can be used to garnish your assets in any state.

It is our firm's goal to see that every person or corporation has access to the legal system in Pennsylvania. We accept cases where our client is out of state and the court case is here, even though other lawyers might prefer to have their client in state. We also handle cases where a litigant has handled a case by himself and no longer wants to "go it alone."
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