Our Landlord and Tenant Practice handles cases involving disputes over rent, damage to property, normal wear and tear, and the warning process. We advise our clients at all phases of the rental agreement. We handle the drafting of rental agreements and we will even review draft letters to tenants to remind them of their obligation to pay rent and/or use the premises property and reasonably. When all else fails, we will help you through the eviction process and quote you a price that you will find reasonable to get your tenant evicted. We advise a landlord how to avoid paying extra expenses and fines for improper eviction proceedures. Our attorneys are aware of the rights of each landlord. Let us speak for your company and give it the best possible appearance before the court. Give us a call and we will work with you to best effectuate your goals and interests. Why spend time and money doing htis your self, when you can get a tax deduction for having a lawyer do it?
Great Prices.
You are free to do all the work yourself: file the papers, prepare for court, attend the eviction hearing with the burden to do all the talking, etc. Or you could have a qualified attorney do all this for a reasonable price.

Save Time and Money.
Let us handle all the paper work and do all the planning for your hearing. We can advise landlords how to avoid penalities for an improper eviction. In this regard, all your legal fees are a tax deduction. Conversely, it is questionable whether you can get a tax deduction for the time you spend doing this yourself.

Get Expertise, No Extra Charge.
Our lawyers know the small claims court process and procedures. We will keep you advised at all stages. Most importantly, our lawyers can best position each landlord's case for the eviction of his or her unruly tenant. It does not matter if you are local or out of state. We can help you in your situation.

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Note that we primarily assist landlords, not tenants, in landlord-tenant disputes.