Our law firm will save you money through various cost saving measures.

1. Low Overhead
Our attorneys rely on advanced software and high speed scanners to maximize efficiency and minimize time needed for (costly) paralegal or secretarial assistance.

2. Our Expertise
We are experienced lawyers who use our knowledge of
the legal system to litigate cases wisely. We rarely find
ourselves in an entirely new situation where we are
reinventing the wheel. Our clients benefit for our past
experience and our data base of reaseach from other

3. Billing Increments
Our minimum billing increment is .1 hour, or six minutes,
which is the lowest rate you will find. Many other firms
charge a minimum billing increment of .2 or .3 (or
higher), meaning, every time you send them an email as
short as "thank you," you can get billed twelve minutes, or
eighteen minutes, even if the email was two words long!

4. Flat Fee Billing Options
In some instances, we offer the client the option of flat fee
billing. Flat fee billing can save you money if the appellate hearing or arbitration takes longer than expected, which is common inthe legal system as you may already appreciate.

5. Diverse Legal Expertise
Our law firm includes lawyers who come from diverse
backgrounds. Together, they provide a multitude of
professional specialty and inisight that exist under one
roof. Thus, for example, if your family law case suddenly
touches upon an area of corporate law, you need not
spend time shopping for the lowest cost corporate law
specialist. With us, a consultation inhouse from a
corporate law attorney will cost you no more than the
hourly rate of primary counsel your case. Plus, our team
of lawyers work well together on a moment's notice,
which results in the saving of time (and money).

6. Technological Ability
You can benefit from us being information rich. Your case may require you to obtain information from outside sources through the use of a subpoena or other litigation tool. That said, we can cut down on your legal expenses by relying on our awareness and use of public data bases. Often, the information we seek is
already a matter of public record. The key is knowing
where to find it. Our methods can save you time and
money over the long run.

7. You are the Boss
We keep you advised of all decisions you need to make
in your case. Why is this important? We forecast
upcoming costs and give you a detailed cost-benefit
analysis. We also suggest less expensive alternatives. If,
for example, a lawyer would typically take a depositionin
your case (which can be costly because it involves
payment for a transcript), we will suggest alternate
options for you to get the same result at a lower cost.

8. Negotiation/Trial Skills
As a matter of practice (and common sense), we always explore the least cost options first. In litigation, typically, the least cost option involves some sort of settlement agreement. That said, we cannot force the other side to be reasonable and you can rest assured that we will be prepared to handle your case to conclusion regardless of how difficult the other side intends to make the case. If a case looks like it may go to trial, we rely on a precision and our past trial to know exactly what we need to prove in court and we do it quickly and efficiently. This way, we will not waste a jury's time...or yours. The jury will be impressed that we saved their time (and they will look more favorably on you and your case) and, of course, you will come away with less legal fees, ultimately.
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