Appeals Are Complex.
Your case at the small claims level is simple: you can raise your claims and defenses informally, often through the filing of a handwritten form. This is because small claims court is designed to resolve cases in the absence of legal counsel. However, on appeal, you will be triggering more involvement by "serious" courts and, thus, you will be expected to obey a more strict set of rules.

Avoid Traps.
As mentioned, the courts expect you to handle your small claims court case by yourself, absent counsel. However, on appeal, the presence of counsel can make the process more simple for you...and for the courts. Hence, the courts will appreciate (and welcome) your decision to get counsel on appeal. Further, on appeal, the courts will be less forgiving of your failure to follow technicalities and the courts will not hesitate to toss out your claim (or defense) if you have not followed the rules.

Saving Money.
Like other professionals, lawyers charge a fee for their service. That said, by handling your case by yourself, you risk the cost of having a judgment entered against you (and forever losing certain rights). All things considered, the cost of an attorney is a small investment to protect your long term interests. So do not take any chances. Give us a call and find out how affordable we are to serve as --

Your Advocates. Your Team.

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